Make your on hold funny for money

Every day in the UK about 5 million callers wait on-hold for their calls to be answered. We thought, how about using that not-so-good time for an oh-so-good cause – Red Nose Day?

We’ve been working with Comic Relief to create some FREE messages that are fun and ask your callers to get involved or donate. They feature the well-known voices of artists like Su Pollard, Redd Pepper (the Hollywood film trailer voice) and others.

The messages are absolutely FREE for you to use. Just download and use them. Please, please use them.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 callers or 10,000 – every one could make a difference. You’ll be helping to raise much needed money for the many life changing projects that Comic Relief support.

The lovely Sue Pollard in our studio making waiting a good cause. 

This year Red Nose Day is Friday 13th of March and you’ve probably already seen some of the great publicity. With your help it could be better than ever.

Katie Hamilton