15 Different things we do

Our purpose is To Make Great Service Happen. Anywhere.

To achieve this, we have to have many things; a capable, talented and engaging team, a relentless drive to get quality and results, brilliant ways of working and a friendly & collaborative approach. A sharp pencil (to tackle super tight budgets) also helps.

How we apply these things, varies from client to client. But to keep things short and sweet, here are 15 things we’ve done for clients over the past year, that we could also do for you:

  1. Contact deflection and avoidance: This is – frankly – our sweet spot. Our re-designed emails, letters, phone messages and digital content have consistently driven contact rates down at levels ranging from 5% through to 82%.

  2. Service design: For some clients we’ve been working ‘wider’ than simple rewrites or training staff. We now work on holistic customer journeys considering the overall set-up, to design the best service across all channels.

  3. Trained offshore agents: Our last training sessions for teams based in Mumbai and Bangalore pushed one client’s customer satisfaction scores up by a whopping 9%.

  4. Consumer research: Working with ICM and YouGov, to date we’ve polled over 20,000 consumers to get their views on bills, letters, emails, webchat, voices and even the use of emojis in communication.

  5. Global, multi-language programmes: A recent project involved translating 300,000 words and recording and delivering over 100,000 voice prompts, in 31 languages, in an 8 week timeframe. We made 3 errors. Which we corrected in 24 hours.

  6. FCA compliance: We’ve designed letters and emails that met all compliance criteria and helped to maintain our clients’ current levels of consumer renewals. Talking of which…

  7. Retained and grown revenue: Testing of one our new letters showed renewal rates could not only be maintained, but would increase! When each 1% means £262K in revenue, we know this particular client comfortably exceeded their ROI.

  8. Social messaging, live chat and AI: As contact centre comms specialists, we’re moving with the times.  Increasingly looking at effective and impactful ways to run webchat and social messaging services……with a dabble in chatbots’ tone too.

  9. Created and tested IVR experiences: Cutting transfers, improving FCR and making things easy for callers are our usual goals. One project in May included super-fast deadlines; the client’s experience was live within 2 weeks of engaging us. 

  10. Tone of voice strategy: In some cases, we’ve created a whole new TOV from scratch. In others, we’ve taken existing guidelines and distilled them into something much more actionable (ultimately more practical) for customer service.

  11. Knowledge management: We’ve created knowledge articles, content, intranets and scripts, having mapped out reasons for contact and conversational content guidelines. 

  12. QA frameworks: We’ve adapted and evolved QA monitoring frameworks to expand on process and compliance monitoring, and help teams support agents on soft skills, like rapport-building, empathy, FCR and next contact avoidance. 

  13. Complaints handling: We’ve improved complaints handling in calls, chat, emails and F2F conversations. At our public workshops, we’ve also shared our research in what consumers want to see in complaints resolutions and comms.

  14. Letters, emails and webforms: Improving service quality, tone and reduced contact can be done with better templates and modules to answer queries, first time. For one client our work will underpin £0.5m+ communications that go out every year. 

  15. Video: Corporate videos, interviews, launch videos, self-service videos – we’ve collaborated with clients to storyboard, produce and deliver video for use on youtube, intranets and at events.

Fran Fish

Boss at Mazaru