OK Google, talk to The Wise Monkey

Do you have burning questions about Mazaru? Who we are, what we do, where our beer tap is?

We’re now live on the Google Assistant, ready and waiting to chat about all things Mazaru.

To get started, just say “Ok Google… talk to The Wise Monkey” to your Google Assistant smart speaker or app. The Wise Monkey will answer, then you can ask:

“Who are Mazaru?”
“What’s the best thing about Mazaru?”
“What do Mazaru do with you?”
“What can Mazaru do for me?”

The answers will depend on what The Wise Monkey wants you to know 🙊

In partnership with Google, we run conversation design workshops. We’ll tell you everything about designing great conversations for voice and virtual assistants, that will supercharge your customer experience. We run public workshops throughout the year, or we can come to you.

Need more enlightenment? When you’ve spoken to The Wise Monkey, give us a call or email us at

Katie Hamilton