Coronavirus: 5 ways we can help today

With things changing hour-by-hour, we know that you’re feeling the strain across your organisation now. Worried customers need your support and that’s putting pressure on your frontline teams. Conversations are getting tricky and contact has soared.

We can help
We can act fast – within the hour. Here are 5 ways we’ve helped our clients: 

  • Manage Demand – Tactical IVR deflection messages can have huge impact, fast.
    Here are 3 results we’ve delivered to clients with immediate results:
    HMRC: 2,000 hits to YouTube (to self-help videos)
    John Lewis: 27% less calls to agents (hang-ups & callers ‘flipping’ to digital)
    UCAS: 53% less calls to agents (better take up of digital channels)
  • Setting realistic expectations – Stick to absolute facts, and update them frequently.
    We’ve created simple messages upfront, to explain the types of query organisations are able to deal with over the phone at the moment – you need a clear, straightforward tone.
  • Getting customers to use other channels, fast – We’ve helped a client prepare to have most agents working at home. Our deflection message will encourage customers to use chat, explaining how to get access and the help they’ll receive.  
  • Online FAQs – Getting the right information online has been a real priority.
    Our customers have asked us to help create clear, transparent and honest messages, that won’t generate more calls.
  • Reassurance – Anxious customers want answers and reassurance.
    Many companies have asked for our tips to communicate with empathy while reassuring customers that they remain their top priority.

If you need to support your customers differently, get in touch now. We can help you get something live, within the hour.

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Abbie Mandry