Shelter: Helping to give people a warm, safe home

According to Shelter, 6 million households are denied the right to a safe home or are threatened with losing it. There are 4,750 people sleeping on the streets on any given night. 90,000 households are stuck in unsuitable temporary accommodation, such as homeless hostels. This a rise of 38% in the last five years.

Shelter is a charity that supports people who are homeless or in an unsafe home, to get the advice, support, security and hope that they need. During the colder times, it’s crucial that they get help and donations, to ensure people aren’t sleeping on the streets in freezing temperatures. For every £1 they receive in donations, 79p is spent on helping people directly.

Over the past 2 years:

  • Shelter’s helpline team has advised 22,644 households
  • 18,590 households were seen by their face-to-face services
  • They had 19,170 webchat conversations
  • 6.5 million households visited their online advice and services pages

Our 3 Wise Christmas bots represent three essential tone of voice traits we know help good service communication – warm, human and empowering. Shelter represents all three, but we picked them as the charity that brings the gift of warmth.  

Shelter is warm because of the kindness the charity brings – the warmth, love and joy that gives and receives from human to human throughout the charity. It’s the selfless act of doing something to help make someone else’s life better and giving a family their Christmas. It’s the warm tears of happiness from families across the community. Not only the people who donate, volunteer and created Shelter, but also the families they’ve helped; it brings them warm food, a warm drink, a place that has heating, hot water, and a fireplace to stay toasty during the winter seasons. It’s having a smile back on their face, seeing their family and children happy, feeling comfortable, safe and protected and having someone there for them that cares. Having a warm bed, warm clothing and receiving and giving a warm hug.

Warm is giving people a place to call home.

We have a national homeless crisis. Winter in the UK reaches freezing point and sadly causes the most common and highest level of deaths for homeless people. At Christmas time, many of us spend hundreds on Christmas presents, and even £1 can help charities like Shelter help people have somewhere safe to call home and save lives.

If you would like to join us in spreading the gift of warmth this Christmas, please donate to Shelter. Please stay warm and safe yourself and have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Abbie Mandry