Are you making the most of your customers' love for email?


Customers love email.

In a recent survey, service industry analysts ContactBabel found that it was top of their lists when it came to how they preferred to communicate with businesses. No mean feat as it was up against meeting face-to-face, websites and even calling a contact centre.

Why is email so popular? Maybe it’s because it gives us time to reflect on what we have to say. Perhaps it’s less personal and provides some distance. Or, maybe it’s simply because it’s well suited to using our shiny new iPhones on the move (we've got to have something to justify spending that 600 quid).

Whatever’s behind it, email is second only to the phone when it comes to contact centre service too. And, ContactBabel also reckon it accounts for about 17% of customer enquiries, a figure that’s grown 11% every year since 2010. What with social media direct messaging on the rise too, the written word (in a longer form) is a very popular consumer choice.

That’s why we’re so pleased with ourselves about our new Writing that Improves Service - 1 Day Workshop. If you’re a contact centre manager, team leader or trainer, this workshop will help you learn more about the importance of writing for service and how to develop it.

It's led by Sabine, who’s helped some of the freshest brands in the UK (including Hiscox and Missguided) develop their service writing. She'll give you a great introduction to how to develop your teams’ writing skills. The day's full of exercises, ideas and research that you can use right away to cut repeat contact, improve customer satisfaction and keep you ‘on brand’.

by Katie. 20th Oct 2015