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Phone in-queue messages and music for hotels, dealerships and shops

There's always a busy time when someone can't get to the phone. And, when a customer is going to be put on-hold because you have to go and find something out. But, wait time can leave a very bad impression. And, when callers hang up because they've lost all patience, you'll lose valuable sales too.

We think that wait times are valuable communication opportunities that you can use to create a good impression, stop lost sales by making callers more prepared to hang on and even sell more by promoting other services, products and special offers.

We'll work with your on site managers, technical and central brand / marketing teams to help you devise a plan for your queues. And, help you put it into practice as well as keep your productions fresh and relevant.

Here's what we've helped our clients with:

  1. Reducing call abandonment, especially for sales lines where lost calls may mean lost money.
  2. Improving customer 'satisfaction scores' by making what happens whilst waiting, as good as it can be.
  3. Promoting products, services and special offers.
  4. Cutting costs by resolving customer enquiries with answers to frequently asked questions such as opening hours before they speak with staff.
  5. Making sure that what's on phone lines is 'on-brand' even if you have many locations to manage.
  6. Reducing costs by moving callers to other self service channels such as web sites.
  7. Saving money by cutting 'handle times', preparing callers so that they have everything they'll need to hand before speaking with staff.
  8. Turning wait times into something useful for customers by providing suggestions, hints, and tips.
How we do it step-by-step

Objectives - many of our team have considerable strategic and operational service experience. They'll discuss your objectives with you in detail so we can understand exactly what you want to achieve. We're also happy to help you decide what your objectives should be as well.

Audits – we have a great deal of experience with call queues and we can assess your caller experience against our best practice recommendations or 'call queue heuristic'.

Benchmarking – we can compare your queue with your competitors and best practice examples in other sectors.

Design and optimisation – working with your brand / marketing and technical specialists we combine recommendations for in queue functionality (such as call back and hold time reporting) with script writing, voice selection and music.

Staying 'On Brand' – tone of voice (ToV) guidelines make sure that the way you speak with your customers fits with your brand. If you've got guidelines already our creative team will work with those. If not, we'll draw some up for you.

Testing – we can test our queue concepts with focus groups and surveys to refine them during the design stage.

Recording – all of the audio for your queue will be digitally recorded and then edited in our sound studios to ensure great quality.

Music – we are registered to provide well known tracks using the PPL and PRS schemes. We can also source royalty free music and have composers and musicians who can write and record bespoke music for you.

Script writing – our full time scriptwriters will get your message across clearly and with impact.

Voice coaching – our voice coaches support actors during recording sessions and review their work closely to make sure that their delivery is as good as it can be.

Translation – we provide script translation and have a portfolio of foreign language voice artists that make it easy for you to manage quality globally.

Quality and speed – we have a dedicated service and support team who ensure all of our managed service work is delivered on-time to pre-agreed service level targets. And, meets our quality standards.

Understanding the benefits – if you want us to, we'll help you to decide what to measure and how when the productions go live so that you can understand the benefits of our work.

Keeping content fresh and relevant – regular updates can be provided as part of our managed service so what's on your lines will stay fresh and continue to support current sales, brand and communication initiatives.

Central management, local control - If you have many locations we'll provide music and messages tailored to each that also retain a consistent brand feel. So, your central marketing and brand teams can manage quality and brand image centrally. Whilst local managers have the freedom to promote the products, services and messages they need to meet their objectives.

Equipment – we can supply, install and maintain the sound sources you'll need to get your productions on your lines quickly.