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Complaint calls: getting your responses right — 1 day workshop

This practical and fun one-day workshop is a great introduction to how you can help your advisors handle complaints calls better — improving the experience and outcomes for your customers, advisors and organisation.

Who's the workshop for?
Whether you’re a business or public sector organisation the workshop will be of real benefit. Contact centre managers, team leaders, trainers and advisors will find it especially useful as it covers complaint conversation exercises for advisors, information on why better complaint handling is important, our latest consumer research and how your organisation can manage complaints conversations better.

How will the workshop help your complaint handling?
We cover the complaint call essentials: what to say, how to say it, practical exercises, research as well as theory. And, we do it all with the very clear objectives of improving complaint call experiences and outcomes:
• Reducing anxiety and stress — making calls easier for customers and advisors
• Improving call resolution — reducing wasted time and effort by cutting the likelihood that customers will contact you again
• Preventing internal escalations and regulator / ombudsman referrals — stopping duplicated effort and reducing the risk of penalties from regulators
• Increasing customer advocacy and preventing damage to your reputation — improving the prospect that customers will promote you to family and friends as well as on social media and review sites
• Improving service scores — enhancing Customer Sat, Net Promoter and Customer Effort
• Boosting customer retention — helping you to keep your customers

The workshop at a glance
Complaints, what they are and why they need special care — Our latest consumer research and discussion about what makes a complaint call, the benefits of improving how you handle them as well as the results of getting it wrong.

What to say — Practical exercises to help advisors develop their complaints language skills as well as the approach they take.

How to say it — ‘tone of voice’: what it is, why it’s so important and exercises that'll help your advisors develop ‘the way’ they talk to customers with a complaint.

Saying sorry — The ingredients of an apology and what’s most important to customers.
Adapting your tone — Recognising a customer's personality, attitudes as well as emotions by their tone. And, adapting your tone to suit.

What customers want — Exercises and research that’ll help you better understand what your customers want to hear and why.

Taking the heat out of conversations — techniques and tools that’ll reduce tension and help advisors feel more confident when talking to agitated customers.

Managing complaint communication — From quality assessment to performance management and recruitment, the steps that you can take to improve your responses.

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Next public workshop dates and locations
This course is currently only available as a private workshop. Get in touch for the latest on when and where our next public workshops will be.

Private workshops — let us come to you
If you'd like more of your managers, team leaders and trainers to benefit from the workshop, we're happy to come to you. Private courses are for up to 12 people, will be more cost effective for larger groups and we can tailor some of the content for your organisation.

What's included?
The workshops normally start at 10 in the morning and last until 4 in the afternoon. You'll also get a printed course summary to take away that covers everything you've learned.

What they say...
Martin Simper – Virgin Media Procurement Director

"Your workshop was very informative and the team really enjoyed it. Great interaction, lots of fun and we could really relate it to what we do . ."

Phil Middleton – Circle Housing, Head of Customer Services
"The team built a fun one-day workshop. Our advisors now know how to use their tone to improve their performance."

Matt McEnroe – Which?, Head of Member Services,

"Excellent interactive workshop, thanks!"

Who's leading the workshop?

The team who create our spoken tone of voice programmes developed the workshop. Their skills cover voice performance, education, linguistics, consumer insight, management and service.

Workshop leader - JaninaIt’s led by Janina Heron who's helped some of the biggest companies in the UK (including Virgin Media and Allianz) develop how they speak with their customers. She trained as an actor and combines her knowledge of voice with psychology having also qualified as a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) licensed practitioner. Janina is a successful voiceover artist and can be heard in TV ads, IVRs and in-store promos for leading brands such as Disney, Cadbury and Mercedes Benz.

Complaints communication programmes
We’ve lots of other services that’ll help you to have better conversations with your customers. As well as training advisors and trainers on conversation skills we provide guidance on quality monitoring score cards and processes as well as write scripts and knowledge management articles (something that we can train you to do too). To help you find out how you can improve we also provide mystery shopping assessments and review processes as well as technology.

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