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Managed Service

What makes us different to most communications companies is that we’ve been created around the simple idea that you may need our help everyday.

We’ve done this because, if you’re in the service side of a business, you’re likely to have a need for what we do frequently. We call the service that provides this support our Managed Service.

In a nutshell it makes it easy for to ensure that once you’ve fixed a problem, it stays that way.

One way to think of our Managed Service is that you're giving yourself an entire communications department with a huge range of skills. In many cases for less than the cost of a senior member of staff.

Here’s a list of what normally comes as part of our Managed Service:

Work pool – whenever you need something doing, just ask and we’ll do it.

Pre-agreed speed of response – the speed at which we’ll respond to your requests is agreed with you in advance. Oh, and managed services also have our fastest turnaround times.

Service reviews – we keep tabs on quality, speed and quantity to make it easy for you to manage everything.

Audits, benchmarking and recommendations – we’ll keep an eye on what’s happening with your service and that of your competitors. We’ll also make recommendations for changes so you’re always on top of things.


Training programmes are useful when you want to make changes quickly. But, you want your own people to ultimately take on the task of keeping everything running as well as it can.

During a programme we'll normally create the first set, or some examples, and train your team on how we did them.

Monitor their work once they’ve taken over responsibility, to make sure that everything is up to scratch.

Then, it’s over to you. (We're also happy to come in and do a checkup from time to time)