consumer insight
and service know how

Find out what's wrong and how to put it right

With experts in service, consumer insight and every area of communication, we can quickly give you an accurate opinion on what needs to be changed, how and why.

Here’s what we get asked to do most often:

Audits – we’ll 'walk in your customers’ shoes’, venturing into those dark recesses of your service organisation to find the things that drive your customers crazy. And, the things that are costing you money.

Benchmarking – we'll compare your service communications to those of your competitors. If it's IVR your interested in we also use Please Press 1's data. They've been through and rated the systems of over 350 UK companies. It will help you understand how your system compares to your competitors and those in other sectors.

Recommendations – after you’ve had an audit or benchmark, we’ll recommend what you should change and why.

Research – Want to know what customers think of your communications? Or, what difference changes will make? We’ll tell you what to measure, when and how. And, even do it for you if you want us to.