What a splash of creativity
will do for a business

What a splash of creativity will do for a business

With an inventive blog, videos that have reached over 80,000 viewers and 12,000 Twitter followers, Ryman have really taken social media to heart.

We offered to see what we could do to attract some new followers and keep their existing social media following entertained.

Ever plucked your favourite bass line on a rubber band? Tapped out a memorable beat with your pen? Or, just pinged a ruler on the edge of your desk for the pure hell of it? That was the inspiration for Rubberband Band the group (or maybe that should be stationery) behind a track created using paperclips, bins, staplers – in fact anything you can find in a Ryman store.

Timed to hit the web at the same time as the X Factor's Friday broadcast the creative video was used to encourage viewers to interact by posting their own stationery musical magnum opus with the #rymanfactor hash tag.

Talking about working with us, and the success of the music video, Rebecca Chuks, Content Marketing Manager at Ryman says: "It was a delight to see stationery used in such a fun way! The items we offer at Ryman are useful by nature, though the video the team produced helped show that there’s so much fun to be had with your everyday stationery essentials."

Ryman are the UK's leading stationery retailer. We like to think that we've made them the UK's biggest supplier of musical instruments (albeit improvised ones).