Boosting sales opportunities and service scores with an IVR refresh

Virgin Holidays
Boosting sales opportunities and service scores with an IVR refresh

When the largest transatlantic tour operator, and market leader for travel to the USA and the Caribbean, spotted a drop in their NPS they decided to look at refreshing the IVR automated service customers heard when they called in.

We were tasked with reviewing a new design created by the Virgin Holidays team — ensuring that it was easy for customers to navigate and that the language reflected the distinctive Virgin tone of voice. Music was also a key factor — we needed to find something that callers actually wanted to hear. Working with Virgin Holidays we:

  • Designed and validated the IVR call flows
  • Wrote scripts to reflect brand values and tone
  • Cast and coached the right voice talent
  • Recorded and edited the sound used on the system
  • Sourced and selected the perfect music

The new IVR has resulted in the abandonment rate for sales calls dropping to just 2% — the project has led to an increase in sales opportunities of almost a third.

NPS and all IVR customer metrics are the best they’ve ever been, including positive feedback on the new hold music.

Talking about the new IVR and its success Ben Watford, Continuous Improvement Manager at Virgin Holidays, says: “The project results show an all-time high for scores for hold music, ease of operation of our IVR, and ease of navigation since we have started measuring NPS — a great result!”