Living up to expectations

Virgin Media
Living up to expectations

Like their logo, their ads – or Richard Branson’s beard - Virgin Media’s voice is an important part of their brand. It shines through in their letters, emails and on their website. But it was a different story when it came to their voice over the phone.     

It was our job to Virgin-ise the IVR announcements and queue messages – so they were in line with the brand language across all of Virgin Media's customer communications.

We brought the brand to life over the phone, with a fun and friendly new voice and a ‘jukebox’ full of fresh, current music – so customers can choose what to listen to while they’re waiting. Nice.

And we created clear and simple messages that get customers where they need to go, first time, every time. And put smiles on their faces.

Just the kind of service you’d expect from Virgin Media.