Designing conversations for digital assistants — half-day workshop

Designing conversations for digital assistants — half-day workshop

Natural language chatbots are a powerful way for people to interact with your services. This hands-on, half-day workshop is a valuable introduction to how you can design seamless, intuitive conversations for digital assistants.

Who’s the workshop for?

Perfect for anyone working on AI conversation, interaction and user experience, it includes practical exercises, hints, tips and best practice principles, in a hands-on format.

How will the workshop help?

You’ll learn how to bring AI conversations to life, with leading industry experts sharing their secrets, including how to:

  • Understand the theory and principles of social interaction
  • Design and prototype a conversation
  • Craft the personality and dialogue for your digital assistant
  • Rapidly prototype the conversation — putting yourself in the user’s shoes to better understand their ideas, thoughts and emotions
  • Explore how the conversation changes as it shifts to mobile and wearables.
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Next public workshop dates and locations

This course is currently only available as a private workshop. Get in touch for the latest on when and where our next public workshops will be.

How much is it?

Costs are based on the size of your group. Get in touch for a quote – call us on 0330 123 9930 or drop us a line to