High Street Favourite

Social Media: Building advisor confidence for service

Our Retail client
  • Over £10bn in annual sales
  • 400+ stores
  • A high-street favourite with loyal customer base – customers come first
  • Outsourced social media handling
  • No existing social media quality framework
  • Formal, repetitive language – no clear link to the brand promise
  • Team ‘confidence challenges’ – knowing responses are public puts pressure on the front-line social media team to get it right
Solution: Social media tone of voice + quality framework
  • Benchmarking – identifying ‘what good looks like’ for customer service in social media
  • Front-line feedback – engaging the front line to understand their day-to-day challenges
  • Social media audit – identifying the areas that needed a focus
  • Training programme – building learning into learning & development modules
  • Clear guidelines
  • QA – adapting score cards to build in soft skills, to support team leaders and coaches
  • Advisors more confident handling customer service in social media
  • Brand tone of voice activated, in everyday conversations
  • Less subjective coaching and feedback conversations, between team leaders and the front line
  • Framework in place, to support development of a growing channel

We can help you find ways you can increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and wisely reduce contact, in every day service conversations. To find out how we can do that for you, drop us a line at hello@mazaru.com