Holiday company

IVR (call routing): Sales calls to advisors up 5%

“We’re emphasising progress and a willingness to help, rather than focusing on wait time or unavailability” 
Susie Lealan, Mazaru (designing conversations in IVR since 2000).

Our holiday company client
  • An award-winning, national treasure
  • Nearly 2m customers, booking holidays every year
  • 650 holiday locations, in the UK and Europe
  • Support re-brand and bring new tone of voice to life across daily customer experiences
  • Reduce caller ‘abandons’ (customers hanging up in IVR or while waiting on hold)
Solution: IVR and Queue design
  • Streamlined the IVR options to improve call steering and reduce customer effort
  • Implemented a conversational, natural voice and tone across messages
  • Activated the new brand and tone of voice, across the automated experience
  • Creating engaging queue experiences, to keep giving callers tips and create interest in holiday destinations
  • 5% less abandons in sales calls, meaning:
  • 5% more sales opportunities going to advisors
  • Immediate ROI.

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