Building sales confidence
in everyday webchat


“Mazaru know that the key to sales is to understand the customers’ needs. They’ve helped us to spot opportunities for natural sales conversations and to give our advisors the confidence to carry them out.”

Learning and Development Manager

Conversation challenge 

Chat is supposed to be easy – catching up, finding out what’s new. When this iconic brand approached us with a need to drive more sales through service, it made sense to help their advisors use webchat time to get to know customers a little better. 

How we helped  

Advisors already live the brand and have strong product knowledge and comms skills.  We looked for fast ways to help them uncover customer needs from the outset and have natural, easy sales conversations. We did this by helping teams focus on key conversational elements; simple things advisors could build into their chats: 

  • Build rapport – personalise and tailor  
  • Tune in – ‘listen’ and question 
  • Don’t rush – fully understand the customer and their needs  
  • Make suggestions  look for and recognise opportunities  
  • Solve problems and help with specific needs  

Our train-the-trainer programme 
is on-going and will help embed the skills that foster authentic and productive conversations. And we’ve re-written chat responses (templates) to do the same – using simple, everyday customer language and halving the word count in the process. 

What’s next?

We’re using Mazaru Insights® to analyse chat responses, and see what we can tweak to improve sentiment, confidence, readability and customer effort.
Our conversation guide and soft skills framework will help in the future – making sure chats stay natural and easy, as people and priorities change.
To chat to us about chat, and how to boost sales in your everyday conversations, get in touch: