20% cut in contact for Now
through chatbot improvements


Now are the UK’s biggest streaming platform with 2 million customers. We helped them support their advisors and customers by improving their bot and journeys, making it easier for customers to self-serve.  We focused on their top 5 reasons for contact and redesigned those journeys.  Delivering a 20% reduction in contact, improving self-service completion rates by 10%, whilst boosting first contact resolution.


To deliver a solution, our team and Now needed to find out why so many customers were calling and what we could do to eliminate any unnecessary calls. We discovered it was the refund journey, creating the biggest volume of contact as it caused confusion for customers.

How we worked with Now to fix the problem  

  • Reviewed their policies and mapped out their refund process
  • Created a bot persona to ensure that all dialogue is created consistently
  • Broke the journeys down and worked on them together in a series of workshops
  • Delivered conversation design training workshops to upskill their teams to ensure consistency when creating or amending journeys in the future
  • Created new user journeys that were simple and easy for customers to use, reducing drop outs and abandons, improving containment and completion rates.
  • The new user journey dramatically cut contact to agents as customers could get a quick answer from the bot, leaving only necessary calls for advisors to handle, so they have more time to handle complex queries.


The bot is now much more effective and saves time for the customer by giving them a quick answer. This has improved CSat and NPS and reduced contact to advisors cutting operational costs.

If you want help on conversation design for your bot or would like to have your own bot, give us a message at We’d love to chat with you all about bots.