Our Tribe

Joe Kelsall

King of the Service Jungle

Listening and turning your ideas into reality.

Fave monkey: De Brazzas Monkey

Jackie Murray

Service Comms Kahuna

Educating, influencing and entertaining through the power of words and music.

Fave monkey: Monkey Mojito

John Messum

Technical Ninjaneer

Finding solutions to help you keep talking.

Fave monkey: Woolly monkey

Susie Lealan

Operations Overlord

Focusing on the customer experience, making interactions and conversations friendly and engaging.

Fave monkey: Northern Plains Grey Langur

Janina Heron

Tone Maven

Listening, learning and sharing … ideas, insights and examples of the tones and words that shape positive interactions.

Fave monkey: Vervet

Tom Cowan


Bringing life to the words that feed the best conversations.

Fave monkey: Owl monkey

Liza Royal

Kingpin, Done Department

Working with our clients to help them deliver the best possible customer experience and measurable business benefits.

Fave ape: Cheeky chimp

Katie Waldeck

CX Crusader

Collaborating with our clients to engage their end customers and see some real results.

Fave ape: The graceful and gentle orangutan

Kevin Freeman

CX Evangelist

We have two ears and one mouth.

Fave monkey: Clyde (Clint’s mate)

Stuart Holt

Digital Transformer

Creating memorable experiences with the help of technology

Fave monkey: Pygmy marmoset

Katie Hamilton

Chief Comms Curator

Sharing our insights, and other great ideas, to get the world talking.

Fave monkey: Wrench (Foo Fighters)

Bon Searle

Computer Whisperer

Turning the next idea into reality one byte at a time.

Fave monkey: Capuchin

Fran Fish


Helping the world have great conversations.

Fave ape: Majestic gorilla

Arul Ganeshingam

Money Man

Translating numbers into words to facilitate business discussion.

Fave monkey: £500