Our Tribe

Susie Lealan

Director of Customer Wow

Focusing on the customer experience, making interactions and conversations friendly and engaging.

Fave monkey: Northern Plains Grey Langur

Bon Searle

Computer Whisperer

Turning the next idea into reality one byte at a time.

Fave monkey: Capuchin

Itai Bercovier

Conversation Designer

Helping put the heart in the tin man.

Fave ape: Homo Sapiens

Arul Ganesh

Money Man

Translating numbers into words to facilitate business discussion.

Fave monkey: £500

Corinne Reynolds

Journey Maker

Joining the dots to create an amazing end-to-end experience for our clients and their customers.

Fave monkey: Blue monkey

Lynsey Fyfe

Linguistic Luminary

Where client imagination meets customer enlightenment.

Fave monkey: Howler Monkey

Liza Royal

CX Kingpin

Working with our clients to help them deliver the best possible customer experience and measurable business benefits.

Fave ape: Cheeky chimp

Joe Kelsall

CX Champion

Listening and turning your ideas into reality.

Fave monkey: De Brazzas Monkey

Jackie Murray

Happiness Hero

Educating, influencing and entertaining through the power of words and music.

Fave monkey: Monkey Mojito

Katie Paine

Wow Wizard

Delivering the wow factor in thoughtful and unexpected ways.

Fave monkey: Spider Monkey

Alberto Villa

Dinero Deputy

Looking after the tribe’s banana stash.

Fave monkey: Night monkey

Camilla Lalli


Creating friendly and engaging conversations with data and AI.

Fave monkey: Vervet Monkey

Duncan McCunn

CX Advocate

Working with you to find effective solutions, improve efficiencies and save you money.

Fave monkey: Micky Dolenz

Francesca Toma

Service Sensation

Helping customers find their path to successful results.

Fave monkey: Red Shanked Douc