Author:Tom Cowan

soh is now Mazaru

With all the evolving we’ve done over the last twenty years, we thought it was time our brand evolved too – so from 25th April 2018, we’re Mazaru (Muh-zah-roo).

But, how have you evolved, you may ask. We’re now a multi-faceted agency, helping global brands to get full potential from something they already have – people and technology. We exist to rid the world of the evil communication and we’ve adapted to do it in many ways:

  • Creating tone of voice strategy and actionable guidelines
  • Making your marketing tone of voice work for your contact centre
  • Using design, words and tone to reduce calls and emails and improve quality and satisfaction
  • Making. AI. Sound. Human.
  • Getting web-chatty with live chat, even if your Agents are talking to 5 people at once!
  • How and where to use SMS messages, and how to write them so people take notice
  • Auditing, monitoring and fixing automated phone experiences
  • Empowering teams through quizzes and e-learning
  • Training people to speak and write better (and drive the right customer behaviours)

Why Mazaru?
Of the three wise monkeys, Mazaru speaks no evil. That’s something we can help you do, every day. And being adaptable problem solvers, collaborators and purveyors of communication wisdom, we already share a lot of traits with our monkey namesake.

The list above is just for starters. We’re evolving, so if you have an idea, or have found a problem that needs fixing, get in touch with the team –