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Use the power of behavioural science, supercharged by AI, to increase sales, improve satisfaction and wisely reduce service contact.

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  • Score for tone of voice, confidence, readability and more
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He who knows others is wise
He who knows himself is enlightened

~  Lao Tzu

This simple tool beats the drum for change; helping you improve digital, print and conversational touchpoints and comms.

AI, driven by consumer insight and behavioural science, means you can be confident changes will make a positive impact.

Harness the power of words and tone of voice

Science and consumer insights drive our analysis. These insights come from our independent research with over 10,000 consumers and the results we’ve achieved for many leading-brand clients. Through both, we’re clear on how words and tone impact sales, satisfaction and service. For example:

A warm and friendly tone of voice can increase
customer satisfaction, by a whopping 76%.

Hi David. Dear Sir. Hello Mr Adams. Watcha Dave!
According to 42% of people surveyed, trust breaks down
when suppliers use the ‘wrong’ greeting in an email.

Show me the money.
When a service email is short, clear and positive, 24% more
consumers said they would be likely to ask for a quote.

Helping brands re-think how they talk to their customers

We’re already analysing content and comms for over 70 brands – finding ways to improve 1000s of FAQs, online accounts, webchats, SMS chats, chatbots, welcome packs, emails and white mail.

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