7 simple ways to improve the quality of digital content and comms

If you want more customers to self-serve online try this:

  1. Confidence – provide certainty by dropping ‘maybe’, ‘might’, ‘possibly’
  2. Sentiment – use positive words that encourage action – ‘quick’, ‘easy’, ‘fast’
  3. Rapport – keep language active (‘we’ll send a reply …’) instead of passive (‘a reply will be sent to you…’)
  4. SPAG – check you’ve got the basic Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar basics right
  5. Readability – aim for words a 12 year old can understand
  6. Jargon – drop the buzz words and corporate-speak
  7. Effort – make it easier for customers with short words, sentences and paragraphs

PS: Writing for bots? Make sure each piece of dialogue can be said in one breath.

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