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About TalkTalk
  • One of the “Big Four” broadband, phone, entertainment and mobile providers
  • 4 million UK customers
  • 4000 customer service advisors — UK in-house and overseas outsource centres
  • Around 800,000 phone calls (49% landline, 51% mobile) and 200,000 digital contacts
  • Launched service via SMS text in February this year

“Our main objective was to move callers away from speaking with advisors on the phone and to SMS digital help that’s more liked by customers and costs less to provide”.

  • Let landline customers know about the new SMS service with an IVR message that they would hear before they started waiting for their call to be answered
  • Boost the number of waiting landline callers trying SMS
  • Not ‘force’ callers to try SMS
  • Maintain satisfaction scores for both service channels (CSat is 7% higher for SMS than the phone)
Solution: effective IVR messaging

“Having provided messages for our IVRs for many years, we know we can rely on Mazaru when it comes to effectiveness and staying on-brand.

  • Create several options for messages using behavioural science principles
  • Message development after feedback and testing

“Around 15% of customers on mobiles move over to our SMS service as we let them know about it with a text whilst they’re waiting for their calls to be answered. Mazaru matched that using skilfully crafted and powerful IVR message.”

  • Increased the number of landline callers trying SMS service from 5% to 15% without forcing them to move
  • Reduction in costs because of additional SMS service uptake
  • Maintained CSat for both SMS and phone service channels

Mazaru created a powerful IVR message that cut landline calls
to service advisors by 10% — deflecting them to SMS help
that has better CSat and also reduces costs for our business.

Simeon Murphy, Contact Channel Lead, TalkTalk