Essential webchat skills

This hands-on and enjoyable one-day workshop is a valuable introduction to how you can arm your advisors with essential webchat skills. It’s designed to improve the webchat experience and outcomes for your customers, advisors and organisation.

Who’s the workshop for?

Whether you’re a business or public sector organisation the workshop will be of real benefit. Contact centre managers, team leaders and trainers will find it especially useful as it covers how you can go about managing webchat better, our latest consumer research, best practice principles, webchat conversation exercises for advisors, as well as hints and tips.

How will the workshop help your webchat communications?

We cover the webchat writing essentials: what to write, how to write it, practical exercises, hints, tips and best practice principles. And, we do it all with the very clear objectives of improving customer experiences and outcomes:

• Improving service scores — enhancing Customer Sat, Net Promoter and Customer Effort
• Increasing customer advocacy and preventing damage to your reputation — 
improving the prospect that customers will promote you to family and friends as well as on social media and review sites 
• Cutting costs: First contact resolution / Next contact avoidance  — reducing wasted time and effort by cutting the likelihood that customers will contact you again
• Advisor Development — motivating advisors with the essential skills they need to improve their webchats
• Boosting sales — converting interest into actual sales

The workshop at a glance

What customers want — our latest consumer research, exercises and discussions that’ll help you better understand what your customers are looking for, and how you can give it to them.

What to write — Practical exercises that’ll help your advisors develop rapport and show empathy. This includes using the right language and how to adapt a webchat to fit different customer types.

How to write it — Getting your tone right: why it’s so important and exercises that’ll help your advisors develop the way they webchat.

Managing webchat — From quality assessment to recruitment and training, the steps that your organisation can take to improve webchat.

Any questions? — Your webchat communication questions answered.

Next public workshop dates and locations
This course is currently only available as a private workshop. Get in touch for the latest on when and where our next public workshops will be.

How much is it?
Costs are based on the size of your group. Get in touch for a quote – call us on 0330 123 9930 or drop us a line to