Great bot conversations

Seven actionable ideas, to take the demand off agents and help keep customers chatting to bots.

  1. Tell your customers what your bot can and can’t do
    • Manage customer expectations to avoid frustration and calls.  
    • Frame what the bot can help with, so customers know they can get help.  
    • Take turns: End the greeting with a question to let the customer know it’s their turn.  
  1. Keep it chatty 
    • Can you read the message in one breath (is it less than 30 words)? 
    • If it’s longer, go back and trim it down.   
    • Long messages are high effort and hard for customers to understand.  
  1. Don’t send them packing
    • There’s no need to send customers to other channels, or online FAQs.  
    • Build forms and data collection in the bot – making it easy for them to stay. 
  1. Make the bot (not the customer) do the work
    • Test query resolution from start to finish.  
    • Check turn-taking. 
    • Providing links to FAQs means customers are doing the work. Would an upfront sign-post to common questions from your homepage be better for customers? 
  1. Keep it simple
    • To many options and routes will confuse and overwhelm.  
    • Start with 3-5 simple, transactional tasks.  
  1. Don’t fence them in
    • Test for dead ends and loops.  
    • Can customers go back a step if they can’t find what they’re looking for, or if they make a mistake. If not they are likely to abandon the bot.  
  1. We all make mistakes
    • Make sure your bot can accept typos and incorrect spellings, e.g. cancel could be written as cancl, cancel, ccancel, canccel or cancell etc. 

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Itai Bercovier